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Training: Introduction
to the commandments of Water


Welcome to the Water School training course.

In this first part, you will discover a series of courses

based on the understanding and application of the commandments of Water.

These sacred laws have allowed me to overcome many difficult influences in life.

In these conferences I bring you a vision which will be a tool

to regain inner balance and accuracy in our choices.

In this training you will have access to:

  • 6 hours of lessons on the Water School (see details below)

  • A direct exchange by email with Florent to obtain answers to your questions

  • Lifetime access to this training

  • Honesty Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, request a refund within 20 days of purchase

of the


par la discipline

Duration: 1 hour


  • True discipline to the rhythms of nature.

  • Have discipline and an ideal.

  • Have a work and pray.

  • Be self-disciplined and self-critical.

  • Knowing how to take stock of our lives at the gates of the solstices and equinoxes.


The 3 worlds: physical, subtle and spiritual

Duration: 1h13min


  • The double interpretation of a law.

  • The judgment of King Solomon.

  • Justice and wisdom lead you to balance and neutrality.

  • Balance and justice.

  • The 3 worlds:

  • How the letter reveals the spirit.


Approaching a virtue

Durée : 48min

Enseignements :

  • Comment s’approcher d’une vertu.

  • Le cœur te permet de vivre des expériences mystiques

  • La nature sauvage est ordonnée.

  • Tu es toujours dans un cadre, même quand tu es hors cadre.

  • Laisse libre la vertu de venir à toi.

  • Soi patient et silencieux.

  • La discipline te permet de faire
    un avec ton environnement.

  • Entre dans le cadre de la vertu.

  • Que ton cœur soit plus léger
    que le monde subtil.


The commandments
of Water: welcoming them
and understand them

Duration: 54min


  • Understand the subtle laws.

  • From discipline to the ideal.

  • Morality and value.

  • The world of Laws.

  • Heresy and dogmatism.

  • The laws of Water in our lives.

  • Justice and Wisdom.


How to cross
the world of water

Duration: 1h22min


  • Become the judge of your life.

  • Cross the water while being
    both flexible and firm.

  • Morality balances the worlds
    spiritual and physical.

  • Know how to handle pressure
    and depression.

  • To be lighter than the subtle world.

  • Walk on water.

  • The 2 earths and the 2 heavens.

  • Know the calm
    after the storm.


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