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Protect your heart from the artificial world
Seminar in Quebec and France

A unique experience with Florent Manitara and his team

on the Essene art of protecting one's heart and making it shine.

In this video, discover an introduction to the wisdom of the heart.

Find the programs, dates and prices below.

Le cœur spirituel - Le chemin vers l'âme
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Rendre concret
le monde spirituel
à travers une ambiance
une expérience

Pourquoi vivre cette expérience ?

No matter the spiritual current, there will come a time

where the student will decide to discover himself through practice.

In the Essene tradition, the living experience

is the key to self-knowledge.

This is why my team and I are preparing you

an initiatory journey into the mysteries of the heart.

Since the dawn of time, the Essenes have also been called

“the therapists”. But how can we know true healing?

if there is no living sharing, magic in our actions

or abandonment towards the unknown?

“Protecting your heart from the artificial world” is a seminar prepared

and designed to awaken you to the magic and sacredness of the heart.


Through the experience of sacred movement, authentic breathing and opening to your sensitivity, we wish to help you find a path to your inner kingdom.


The important thing for us is not to nourish your intellect,

but to give you practical keys to protect

and reconnect with your soul.

Au Québec
du 31 mai au 2 juin 
au Centre Tara

In France
from June 7 to June 9
at the Ecodomaine La Rêverie


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+1 (819) 875-3335


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+1 (819) 875-3335


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