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Training: Sacred Astrology


''There is another astrology, a zodiac

beyond the animal zodiac.

It is in this second zodiac that the soul

can truly reveal and free oneself

influences of mortal incarnation . ''

Discover in this training how to embody your soul

and find your place in the world.


As an Essene, I have chosen the path of the soul.

Is it easy? No, because it pushes me to overcome the influences that cling to my personality.

I want to transmit to you through this training, a plan, a map of a starry sky

who continues to guide me on the path to liberation of the soul.

What should the soul free itself from? Unnecessary suffering.

In this training you will have access to:

  • 6h30 course on Sacred Astrology (see details below)

  • A direct email exchange with me to get answers to your questions

  • Lifetime access to this training

  • Honesty Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, request a refund within 20 days of purchase

de la


The purpose of the soul

Duration: 1h28


  • The 4 elements and the soul

  • Incarnation and disembodiment

  • The 4 states of incarnation

  • Karma

  • The animal zodiac:
    collective consciousness

  • Sacred astrology:
    the future of man

  • Individuality


to Individuality

Duration: 1h44


  • The memory of the soul

  • From personality to divine

  • The animal sky nourishes your personality

  • Identify with your soul

  • The wandering soul and the soul on the way

  • The individuality of the stars


To cross
the animal zodiac

Duration: 1h50


  • The 4 states of the Soul

  • Zodiacal influences
    in spiritual water

  • The 7 incarnations of our life

  • The sacred law of agriculture

  • Living with the divine in action

  • We are a multitude
    of personalities

  • Impersonality


in the sacred zodiac

Durée : 1h33

Enseignements :

  • Nous sommes
    des humains en devenir

  • Les 2 humanités de demain

  • Tu existes en potentiel

  • Agir sans réagir

  • Sois ce que tu es

  • Fleurir pour une cause

  • Se libérer de la souffrance 


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